No matter what name you know him by, the
DMV rapper’s energetic flows and distinct, high-pitched delivery have made him an instantly
recognizable voice in the underground Hip Hop scene. Since his debut mixtape in 2016, Dex
has been writing and releasing new music nonstop, growing a small but dedicated fanbase in
the process.
Dexstarity was born in Brooklyn, New York, where he lived with his mother until the age of nine.
He then moved down the coast to Northern Virginia with his father and stepmother, where he
spent the rest of his childhood. Music has always been a part of Dex’s life; his father was a
professional DJ and introduced him to it at a young age. Drawing inspiration from rap legends
like Biggie, Das EFX, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, he soon began writing his own verses.
His first time ever recording a verse was with Ambitious Entertainment in Northern Virginia. He
was nervous and didn’t understand the recording process, but with the help of Realtalk Rizze
and DTTheProducer he found his rap voice, and his confidence as well. The feeling of hearing his vocals on the final product was priceless.
He has been addicted to rapping ever since.
Dex also had the privilege of sitting in on a few studio sessions with Fat Trel of MMG. Seeing
the recording process of a signed artist was an eye-opening experience for him - he discovered
that rapping is just as much a career as it is entertainment.
On October 28th, 2016, Dexstarity dropped his first full-length project, titled “G.O.D (Geeked Off
Drugs)”. The 14-track album featured three guest verses from Jynxvnotti and provided a solid
starting point for Dex’s future releases. Since then, he has dropped over 20 singles and racked
up over a hundred thousand streams on Spotify alone.
Life is short - Dexstarity wants to make the most of every second. He’ll do whatever, be
whatever, and talk to whoever it takes to make it in the rap game.